PR & Big Data – Melanie Wieland

Today, as time, knowledge, and technology advance, so does big data. Each year technology and big data largely improvement and expand. This makes big data technologies continuously evolve into a more in-depth, sufficient, and multifaceted technological world. It’s the main key factor for shaping the future and will never stop. Along with cutting-edge analytics, big data lets organizations unlock insights from data with precision and speed.

On the other hand, public relations is the strategic management in the best interests of one’s own association, as well as for the public in general. With the correct use of information collected from Big Data, it can help a firm stay ahead of potential public relations crises, decipher shifts in consumer behavior and cultures, uncover new market segments in a global marketplace, and help with financial forecasting. This is anywhere  from staying on top of public trends to corporate storytelling.

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