Opinionated Thoughts on How PRSA Should Handle Issues Faced- Brian L. Taylor

In essence, I find this to be very simple. The issue at hand that seems primarily to be on the public’s mind is whether or not big data is ethical, and whether or not it is an invasion of their privacy. I believe that in order to combat these thoughts that linger in the mind’s eye of the public, PRSA ought to take a transparent approach to their actions. Allow the public to know exactly what PRSA is doing with big data, so that they have no reason to fear their information being wrongfully used against them.

Secondly, PRSA ought to be extremely forthcoming about their code of ethics, and display it prominently in an attempt to make people understand that they aren’t trying to hide anything or conduct shady business practices that would harm them in any way, shape, or form. The PRSA code of ethics is sound, but unless it essentially becomes their motto, no one will know about it, and thus, won’t care. They will continue to believe that PRSA are evil spies, using big data to undermine their existences.

In reference to the more statistical and numerical side of big data, it’s a simple matter of refining their programming and knowing what they’re looking for. PRSA needs to take a very slow, cautious approach to big data, so as not to overlook important information, or make poor, rash decisions that harm the company’s integrity morally or ethically.

-Brian L. Taylor


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