Issues That PRSA Faces In Reference to Big Data- Brian L. Taylor

A particularly prominent issue that PRSA faces in regards to big data is the fact that they operate in a realm in which the public that they serve distrusts the PR field. Many seem to find large companies like PRSA to be untrustworthy, and dislike the idea of PRSA collecting big data.

Many members of the public find this to be an invasion of privacy, and a violation of their rights, making PRSA’s job of collecting data much more difficult. Numerous law suits are filed every year against various PR companies, PRSA included, for violation of privacy and unethical conduct.

So, it seems that one of the largest issues standing in the way of PRSA and their plans for big data is that their ethics don’t seem apparent enough. Members of the public claim, with substantial backup, that it’s easy to fudge the numbers in big data and sway statistics in any way that will assist the company in question’s goals. This bias brings PRSA into question in regards to its ethical code of conduct.

– Another problem with big data arises from the simple fact that big data can lead to big screw-ups. Big data can be useful, yes, but can also be imprecise if not used properly. This can lead to many issues for PRSA, including their ethical standing once again. If they appear inaccurate, they become an easy target for claims of falsehood.

With big data, it’s best to adopt a “think slowly” attitude, so that rash decisions are cut out of the equation and false positives are kept to a bare minimum. Also, if rashness is adopted as a policy of operations, it’s easy to lose sight of the goal and overlook informational “gold” altogether, which is a tragedy in and of itself. The information that is being looked for by PRSA in big data can be easily overlooked, much like a needle in a haystack.

These are only a few of the issues that PRSA faces today, and many more are foreseen for the rapidly-approaching future.

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