Big Data helping change the name of the PRSA


For centuries the public relations profession has had a bad reputation of providing false information. The public will often excuse public relation officials of “spinning words”. Public relation officials have been known as manipulators for this reason and as a result PR has become know as one of the most unethical professions. The PRSA is doing everything in their power to eliminate this bad reputation, even enforcing a code of ethics that all members must abide to after taking an oath.

Big data is helping to bring PR out of the dark ages in hopes of tarnishing this awful reputation. You see with the public relations profession starting to use big data it’s hard to provide false information that you can blame on the PR officials themselves. Big data uses “powerful monitoring and social media intelligence tools, pulling and analyzing large sets of data…” In other words big data provides public relation professionals with information received by analyzing Internet activity. For example you can use big data to find out what social media outlet middle school children most often with a small margin of error.

Big data is helping the PRSA advance into the future with a positive outlook of the public relations profession.

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