Before Big Data

The PRSA holds the title of the world’s largest organization of Public Relations officials. Working in public relations you are responsible for creating and maintaining connections between your company and the public. In order to do so, public relations officials must collect information on the public that they are looking to attract and draw interest to their company. Valuable information such as a person’s likes or interests really helps when you are looking for your target audience. Big Data provides public relations officials with this kind of information by analyzing Internet activity.

Before big data was around this type of data was collected by questionnaires, interviews, and direct observations. While all of these techniques work in there own way and are efficient, they can be flawed. The main reason why questionnaires and interviews do not work as well as big data is because people just do not want to participate. For example, how many times has a register worker handed you your receipt while asking you to participate in the online survey at the bottom and you have actually participated? Most people do not participate and lack of participation leads to lack of data collected. Using big data gives you the information you need without the worry of lack of participation, which is just one of the many components that makes big data the future of the PRSA.

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