Google Analytics for PR: Where Are We Collecting our Data from? – Jessika Wager

For PR professionals, a big portion of our clients worry about their online presence. You must be familiar with the different types of metrics that signify your work. Below is an example of what metrics would be used in PR to help a client with their existence online.

Google analytics is a popular tool for PR to use as Google is so widespread so I choose to use their metrics but in reality, most will have very similar approaches.

They use 5 built in metrics:

  • New Unique Visitors = First time visitors. Important first place to look. You want this number to be growing.
  • Returning Visitors = Most important. These are the people you need to keep around. They are the most likely to spread the word and advocate for you.
  • Mobile Visitors = The audience you track through tablet, smartphone, etc. This has to be calculated because it is continually increasing and in almost 1/5 of all website viewers.
  • Social Network Referrals = How often you are commented on/ shared on social media.
  • Goal Conversions = shows the mismatch between your PR and your marketing. Easier to understand where you need to make changes in order to create more traffic and please those who visit.


Wolverton, C. (2014, February 20). Google Analytics 101: 5 Metrics for Public Relations. Retrieved November 24, 2015, from



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