Pros of Big Data- Taylor Wilson

According to Tom Davenport, IIA Director of Research and faculty leader whos piece was published in the sascom magazine there are three benefits to the use of big data. The three benefits are that there is a cost reduction, faster and better decision making, and new products and services. The first benefit cost reduction comes from the new big data technologies such as Hadoop and cloud-based analytics. These companies are encouraging big data technologies not to replace existing architectures. Instead they want to augment them so that data in only moved into data warehouses when needed. Through the new technology such as Hadoop help the companies make these changes. The second benefit faster and better decision making. The speed of Hadoop has created a speedier way for decision making and in-memory analytics. These new technologies can help companies stay up to date with all their data and in a better and more organized way. The third benefit which is new products and services for customers. These new products can help companies reach a better target of people who might be affiliated with them. These new and exciting big data technologies are benefiting companies and creating better opportunities for them.


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