Disproving cons of Big Data-Pawel Wlaz

Much of the the big data practices around the world are looked at negatively and fail to look at some of the positives. Through big data, businesses can appropriately deal with issues in sales and customer satisfaction, along with making changes in areas that consumers feel need attention to. The general public feels like there is a lot wrong with many business practices and wish that certain companies would change their ways. With big data, business can get an almost immediate reading of whats going with their sales and traffic. If people would like to be heard, this is one way of doing it. With big data, companies will notice why sales are going down or why people are not doing business with. Complying with big data practices ensures that the average consumer has a voice in the market and will benefit both parties. Big data does not just work for the company itself and is not just a greedy marketing scheme.




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