Big Data on PR Campaigns – Jessika Wager

The job of PR is basically to manage the spread of information that goes on between the client and the public. Big Data becomes beneficial because it can give valuable insight and improve the view of your client by the viewers.

Viewers can become influencers. Influencers are able to spread a message about your client. They can do it quickly and it is possible for the message to spread like wildfire. According to the book “Think Bigger: Developing a Successful Big Data Strategy for Your Business,” you can use six types of data to find the influencers. They are: involvement velocity data (how often someone shares on social media), social equity data (number of followers), citation data (how often do they cite someone else in their posts), status data (says something about someone’s credibility), self-proclaimed data (posts about themselves – example: LinkedIn), and Social graph data (relationships of this person and how the network is constructed).

Because of Big Data, in PR all of the information listed above can be stored, analyzed, and visualized so that for your client, you can find their top influencers. Of course you want them to be positive influencers so once they are identified you can figure out a way to make that happen if it is not already.

Big Data can help you understand your customers and that is usually where your top influencers come from. So being able to determine them ahead of time becomes extremely beneficial for the client. Not only the client though, being able to have data on the customers allows you to learn what will be the most pleasing to your target consumers.

Rijmenam, M. (2014). Think bigger: Developing a successful big data strategy for your business (pp. 114-117).


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