PRSA and Big Data- Taylor Wilson

What exactly is the PRSA? The full name of the PRSA is: Public Relations Society of America, and it was founded in 1947. The PRSA is considered the largest organization of public relations professionals with 22,000 people involved all over the United States. These professionals stand as leaders for all people in the communications field of public relations. Their main focus is on helping those involved create a path of excellence in the field of public relations through learning and leadership. Now the question is: how does big data and PRSA relate? On the PRSA website they considered big data to be “the future of public relations”. This is considered true because big data can help these professionals create a closer relationship to a company or client because it can easily show patterns and trends based on human behavior. The people of public relations can use such data to their advantage and create better campaigns which can ultimately increase the satisfaction of customers. Overall big data is a great tool for public relations professionals to advance in their careers and create better services.