Using Big Data for PR purposes – Jessika Wager

The information I am summarizing comes from Mark Weiner.  Mark is a PR professional and member of PRSA. He is the CEO of PRIME research which is one of the World’s largest public relations research consultancies. He also has published books within the topic of Public relations.

He advices along 4 guidelines when trying to comprehend the full potential of the future of data in PR. These 4 points are:

  1. An algorithm is different from an insight.
    1. This is basically stating that we have the technology to use to our advantage, but it can only take us so far. It does not give us understanding. Humans have to provide the final steps for any big data to become useful.
  2. “Inquiry Based” and “Response Driven” research are not the same thing.
    1. For example: Focus groups provide excellent views on public opinion but lack in the predictive insight area.
    2. Quantitative approaches are good for projecting but can inhibit spontaneous remarks.
    3. Often the best results can come from using the big data as a surrogate to surveys, etc.
  3. “Real time” is different than “right time”
    1. When it comes to PR, it will be different in every given situation and that must be decided.
    2. The best decision may not be the fastest decision.
  4. Daily PR activity may be your best research.
    1. Be smart in your research. Data analysis can be used daily.
    2. Embrace big data but do not forget the obstacles involved. There are still limitations to what can be done with the Data alone. Avoid premature decision making!

Weiner, M. (2014, June 14). Download Big Data Applications for PR Purposes. Retrieved October 26, 2015, from