How Big Data is changing PRSA (And PR in General) – Brian Lane Taylor

Big Data is changing PR in incredible ways! Companies are rapidly changing because of it every day. PRSA is no exception. Through big data, PRSA has access to information that directly allows them to better serve the needs of their clientele. A few ways that PRSA has changed due to big data are as follows:

  • More creative PR programs through the use of data-synced technology that responds to various forms of real-time data.
  • Better monitoring of crisis management by easily counting and tracking media messages related to the topic.
  • More effective, targeted messaging towards leading figures on topics that can spread the message by collecting data on each topic and the messages that are produced.

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-Brian L. Taylor

P.S. – Having a little trouble finding specifics on how PRSA has been changed due to Big Data rather than PR in general, but I will continue to look into it. More to come soon!


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