Disproving Cons Of Big Data- Pawel Wlaz

There is a lot of debating going on over whether big data is a business miracle or privacy disaster. The ACLU ( American Civil Liberty Union) lists some problems that Big Data causes, however some of these examples sound  more like conspiracy theories than solid “problems”. One of which is a explanation of how Target finds out which customers are pregnant through Big Data and then targeting them with sales on baby-related goods. The article goes on to express their increasing worry about this practice when overall, it does not effect the consumer in any negative way. All it is is a paranoid justification for something that does not cause a major problem. Regardless, it is possible to sympathize for people that share this view because it is creepy knowing that random people out there know some deep and personal details about you  that maybe your family members don’t even know.


The New York Times also put out and article about the cons of big data, which in my opinion , was better put together. However, most of the article criticizes the effectiveness of these big data programs. Such flaws as the inability to analyze less common gathered data seemed to be a major problem. One of the main purposes of big data is to help acquire information that would not have been easily accessible to help get a general idea. It is not meant to be exact or perfect. The New York Times also questions the growing hype of big data comparing it to 19th and 20th century inventions like airplanes and automobiles. These two technologies are different and both should be compared in there relative terms and regarded as progression, not “which one is more important”.