Brief Description of Big Data and PRSA- Katie Wyble

What exactly is PRSA? Considering most of us (in this ccourse) are public relations majors, I’m sure we’ve heard the name float around once or twice. PRSA is the Public Relations Society of America. Essentially, PRSA is the leading voice of all public relations professionals. In a way, they have final say on the do’s and don’ts of PR.

The company itself it a nonprofit organization to help aid all professiols and aspiring professionals. There are so many resources that can be utilized through them! Just to name a few, they provide: networking opportunities, professional recognition, intell, learning sources, career advice, advocacy programs and much more.

PRSA consits of about 22,000 members ranging from students to professionals to teachers. They are there to help you improve.

Big Data is a broad term for a gigantic field of information that we are able to utilize. In the past, such a thing did not exist. There was no way to store mass quantities of information until around 1996 when digital storage became ‘more cost-effective” and then became popularized.

There is an incredible amount of information out there now and we’re only beginning to understand how to harness it. Being able to use such information, rather than having to take risks or not knowing about something exactly, is saving time, money, and space. It’s a great asset to PR especially.

During the course of this blog, we will explore how Big Data is used, how it effects the business, and how it affects the users providing the data.



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