PR using Big Data – Jessika Wager

I wanted to cover how PR professionals can use Big Data on a regular basis. Just to set a little platform on why it is so useful!

As our world becomes more and more internet based and we focus more of our daily tasks and attention to our online world, big data becomes more important for the future of PR. Why would that be? It is a PR professionals job to connect to the audience through media to create and/or maintain a positive image, so if a good chunk of our time and life is devoted to media, that would be a great place for PR to look.

PR can regularly use Big Data:

  1. If you know how to use the data, it can unleash your creativity. —- If you can see something in front of you (the data) many people are visual and being able to see and understand that data can help you come up with a strategy based off of content.
  2. Using is can help PR respond to trends in the market. Over time, having enough data to see a trend can help predict re-occurring or ending trends.
  3. When pitching to a client, it is much easier to sell something when you can show them numbers or trends and use that as more of a fact based pitch compared to just ideas.

*Side note: The first website has a short clip from a PRSA interview where she makes solid points about it benefiting in planning as well as relationships, crisis management, reaching the audience, etc.