How does PRSA use big data?- Brett Thomason

As the leading organization in advancing the PR and communication profession, PRSA has a vested interest in using big data to promote and enhance the industry, thereby improving outcomes for its public. The PRSA website ( states that using smart (big) data enhances communication, improves targeting, engages customers, and leverages market research to build better marketing and PR programs. In an upcoming webinar offered to PRSA members entitled PR and Big Data: Using Smart Data to Communicate, presenters claim that big data …”is seen as the future of public relations.” They claim that big data can: leverage data as competitive intelligence during the public relations and social media planning process; deliver results through actionable insights during a crisis; and creatively drive campaigns through social media. There is no doubt that PRSA is uniquely situated to take advantage of all the benefits that big data has to offer.

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